Mistress Genevieve (msgenevieve666) wrote in twistedparts,
Mistress Genevieve

A Dominatrix's candid perspective.

I am entirely sexualy open and honest in sharing the joys of both my kinky professional life, and my kinky personal life. I hope in sharing so candidly to encourage people to get out there and explore with their lovers, visit dominatrixes if you desire too, and even more so, it is great to visit a dominatrix with your lover. Share the experience with the one you love either way or both. I have been having some really great scenes lately on both parts of my life.

I had a session with a neophyte the otherday who came in with his own ideas of body worship...it didn't ever come to pass, but he never complained. At the end of the session, with out any such thing as body worship he was swooning and happy and so intensly played with that he could hardly stand. We just relaxed a little while together.

I made sure that I was going to get so far in his head and take over his body, and lose him in sub space that he would not got what he came for, but left with something worth far more. He was very very happy. Shyla was here and saw him float out the door to his car. I told him he should probably wait a bit before he drove home.

I love it when a scene is like that. It was so beautiful. And after wards, even though it was his first ever time playing with BDSM, he made me proud by talking about how wonderful the scene was because it was so emotional, intimate, and intense.

I hate it when what I do is called beating people. I do ball busting and intense play with percussion, but no, beating is brutality and rage. This lifestyle is far more holy than that.

Submission is a precious gift, and humiliation play should be done in a way that is understood by both parties that these are games. Even if bad names and all are called, you should positively reinforce the ego later. Low self esteme is never good. You don't have to be as self centered as I can be, but have a good sense of self before and after you play. These games should leave the submissive as mentaly unharmed as they do physically unharmed.

I think that with the decrease in my abnormally strong sex drive (making me a mere mortal) probably brought on by my anti-depressants...I find myself finding sadism, self masochism, meditation through spiritual pain, and the longing for kink to be getting more and more intense.

I rather lay still with electricity on my genitals, and pierce my ownbreast and play with the clove of a cherry and feel my lover's touch soothing me, and watching him watch me pierce myself to be more arousing right now.

I mean, infact, anal play is the only penetration that really interests me right now in my sex life. Which is good, because the fling boy changed his stand point on anal.

After the hooking yesterday afternoon, I want to wake the fling boy up, and do new things. But I went over there chewing him while he slept and he won't wake.
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