Mistress Genevieve (msgenevieve666) wrote in twistedparts,
Mistress Genevieve

My first hooking

It had been a while since doing self piercing, like since January. The hooking was really okay, it was the weight of the chain and the tugging on them that I was shy of. I didn't tug hard enough, I was told. But it really calmed down my usually hyper energy. I like the feel of where the hooks were, once they were out it had that dull warm throb I love. Just like I don't like others to spank me, but I can spank myself really hard for pleasure...and when someone else does it I feel rather greedy, but after the skin feels so alive. Same with how I feel about the hooks. My friends are going to email me pics.

I found that through the tug I was using a mantra to keep my breathing and help me meditate.

After words I had a chocolate raspberry martini, and started to zone, so I headed home to sleep a few hours. I went out and was really laid back just cuddling with slavegirl karen, and Sean. That was nice, we hadn't had our time like that since I dated the dork.

I ended up going back to my house with the recently started fling...I tought him about piercing, electro stimulation, and cigarette cherry teasing. I just am in the mood after the hooking to keep going. I put 13 needles in my chest untel he asked me to stop. I had him relax earlier and while he was calm under the electrodes, I asked "do you trust me?" With lovers, this is usually the one consensual question I have, clients and slaves are different.

He said yes, and he didn't realize he had been pierced till it was over. He is really nervous of needles. He asked a million times since "did you pierce me?" "Yes." He was still nervous of needles but shocked that it was so easy.

He had told me earlier when he was at the club with me that he was envious of the hooking, but he couldn't do it unless drunk...I told him you can't do it drunk...not only does it make you a pain in the ass for the piercer, and ruin the whole point of the experience, you can bleed to death.
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